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Elementary School Parents Survey

To ALL the fabulous Parents of Concrete Elementary Students

We need your help in collecting data about our new LEADER IN ME Program and its implementation.

From the information we receive, we will be able to create measurable goals for Concrete Elementary School’s continuous school improvement.

If you are a parent of a Concrete Elementary student, please click on the link and take the survey: Leader in Me Survey

We appreciate you very much,
Concrete Elementary Staffulty!

CSD Educator Hall of Fame

Concrete School District has a strong tradition of providing educators dedicated to the growth and development for its students. To recognize these efforts, the CSD Educator Hall of Fame has been established to honor those with lasting service, and more importantly lasting impact. Concrete School District will annually recognize up to three educators at a ceremony honoring their service and impact on the students, staff, and teachers of Concrete School District.


For the purpose of this award and recognition anyone who served in a professional or paraprofessional capacity within Concrete School District. This could be teachers, para-educators, bus drivers, maintenance staff, administrators, lunch staff, etc. We recognize that it takes a village to raise the students in our school district.

For more information please read the nomination form (PDF)!