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Twin Cedars High School

About Twin Cedars

Twin Cedars High School offers an alternative learning education environment for grades 10 to 12 (middle and high school students). Through this program, students with alternative needs are encouraged to gain knowledge and earn credits to complete the qualifications for a high school diploma as well as prepare them for roles in society, careers, and the world of work.

Registration Requirements

To request registration requires consultation with the program director (Alternative Learning Education Coordinator). If a transfer is requested from Concrete High School, the principal must be consulted and all approval/recommendations must come from him. Proper paperwork must be filed to prepare for the student’s initial interview with the program director. Entrance interviews require the accompanying of a parent/guardian or someone who will assume the responsibility of overseeing the student’s work.

After Acceptance

Once approved for acceptance, you begin to attend the school. Operations of an alternative school requires a minimum of a “face-to-face” meeting with certified staff weekly with a more formal evaluation monthly. Under special circumstances, the “face-to-face” meeting may be accomplished through electronic* means to verify progress. (*Electronic may include telephone, email, or fax machine.) This meeting is required in order for the district to remain in compliance and also allows for a time of instruction should a student require. For students with transportation needs, a minimum of consultation/conference times is available on the Concrete School District regular campus at a place and specific time to be determined.
A written student learning plan is prepared by the program director which then is kept on file with Twin Cedars High School. These plans take on a variety of forms depending on individual student needs. The weekly reviews refer to this plan and serve as a guide to assure that the student(s) are complying with expected standards of learning. Other registration records are required such as, birth certificates, immunization records, and other student information that can be transferred to the Twin Cedars files.
Students can earn a high school diploma by conforming to the Washington State and Concrete School District graduation requirements. Students are awarded credits by submission of a portfolio indicating completed course work and additional assessments provided through the individual courses of study that are an outcome from their written student learning plan. Twin Cedars High School, an alternative learning experience, involves learning in a different way and with a different model than many other alternative education programs. Differences are even more significant than those experienced in a traditional high school setting. This is information to provide students an overview of expectations and how the program functions.
Failure is instructive. The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes
— John Dewey
All courses of study are planned with NO formal classroom instruction. Students will work independently and must be self-disciplined in order to finish their respective course studies. All studies and course are based on a contract that creates an outline or provides a “roadmap” to cause learning in an organized manner. Students who might have trouble reading, studying independently, or organizing and managing time will find this option to be very difficult, if not impossible and should be discouraged form choosing this option. For those who still want to pursue this alternative education option and feel they will experience difficulty, a mentor (parent, guardian, overseer) interested and committed to keeping students accountable, is a viable option that could lead to success. This program is designed for those who are making a dedicated attempt to complete their high school education, not just a place to be to fill an attendance obligation.
At the completion of a course of study, each student must compile the lessons into a portfolio in an organized pre-determined manner. The portfolio is the single most important presentation at the termination of a course study that can validate whether a student learned or not or earned the credit toward graduation requirements. Scheduled tests and a final exam are also required.
Along with the course of study work, each student is required to meet with school staff once a week throughout the school year during enrollment based on the written student learning plan. This weekly meeting is to review student progress, take appropriate tests, or get help with course work/study. The time commitment adds up weekly to average a minimum of 25 hours of class/campus attendance and homework hours. Attendance and homework is key to culminating the course work. IMPORTANT: Students may be dropped from the program if they are absent, without a valid excuse, more than four successive days (appointments – four hours a month) and/or homework consultation hours combined are less that 100 hours a month.

Twin Cedars Director

Mary Janda
(360) 853-4070