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Highly Capable

What  is a Highly Capable Learner?
A Highly Capable (HC) learner is defined as “a student who has been assessed to have superior intellectual ability as exhibited by cognitive ability, specific academic achievement, and exceptional creativity” (OSPI, 2009).

The Highly Capable Program Consists of What Grade Levels?
The Highly Capable program offers enrollment to students K-12.

Identifying Highly Capable Learners
Students can be referred to the Highly Capable program by education staff, teachers, and parents. A referral to the Highly Capable program does not guarantee enrollment.

Is Parent Approval Required?
YES. Parents are required to give written permission before testing, identifying and placement.

What Type Of Testing will be Done?
Students will be required to participate in several different types of tests. Tests will be administered by qualified personnel. Additional data will be collected for review: grades, state assessments and district assessments.

What Does the Program Offer?
Students identified as Highly Capable will be taught by teachers, who will individualize their instruction to accommodate the educational needs of the identified students. Students enrolled in the Highly Capable program may be provided opportunities for accelerated learning, grouping arrangements that provide intellectual and interest peer group interactions, K-12 cooperative agreements between schools and institutions of higher education, and/or mentorships and career exploration opportunities.

What if I Want My Child to be Tested?
If you feel that your child is Highly Capable and would like an application or would like to gain additional information about the program, please contact:

Concrete Elementary School, Grades K-6 Phone: (360) 853-4110
Concrete High School, Grades 7-12 Phone: (360 853-4015
Special Programs, District Office Phone: (360) 853-4151


District Contacts

Kristy Fairbank
Interim High School Principal
District Assessment Coordinator
Phone: (360) 853-4008
Fax: (360) 853-4013

Jaci Gallagher
Elementary Principal
(360) 853-4110

Policies & Procedures

Policy 2190
Procedure 2910PR