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Superintendent’s Message

By Wayne Barrett, Superintendent

It is my pleasure to welcome back all students and staff for the 2019-20 school year.  The Concrete School District has been busy over the last year implementing new programs and opportunities for the community we serve.  Our first year of “Leader in Me” has been a very positive experience for students and staff at the elementary.  This program is designed to develop social/emotional and academic skills for our students.  The elementary staff have received training with the program and have gained valuable skills to teach students. You will continue to hear a great deal from elementary students on the seven habits of highly successful people. Please join us by modeling these behaviors at home as you learn about them from your children.  Our goal will be to develop student behaviors that enhance academic performance and build attributes which lead to life-long success.

We have completed the first-year implementation of the “21st Century Grant in conjunction with Boys and Girls Clubs of Skagit County.  I am pleased to say it has been a huge success!!  They have had a busy summer and are looking forward to again supporting Concrete students academically and socially in the coming school year.

Our Farm-to-School program has been busy providing support at the middle school and elementary levels with the community food project grant.  We have placed the order for a 24×50 square foot greenhouse to be operational by the fall of 2019.  This facility will enable our program to reach the community goals written into the grant and further develop our student understanding of farm-to-table implementation.   We are excited for our continued program growth and promotion of healthy eating for all families served by the Concrete School District.

We will again be utilizing Chromebook technology in our classrooms.  Teachers will receive additional training on Google applications that they can utilize while delivering classroom instruction.  The new language arts curriculum has shown promising results in increasing student test scores in several grade levels.  I would like to remind parents that it offers an online component students may access on their Chromebook.  Our goal is to make sure that Concrete students have access and training in the same technology other students are exposed to across the country. 

The high school will be offering courses in robotics for 7th-8th as well as computer science through TEALS which was a huge success last year and is a Microsoft offering taught in collaboration with practicing Microsoft Engineers.  Our woodworking program will be utilizing computerized laser technology in their project construction this year. Again, we will feature online courses offered through Edgenuity. Students utilizing Edgenuity may take advanced courses such as advanced placement (AP)/honors courses in every curricular area.  Edgenuity also allows us to access credit recovery courses if a student falls behind in their graduation status.

Our district has implemented the CEP (Community Eligibility Provision) program for school meals.  This program provides free lunch and breakfast for every student in the Concrete School District regardless of financial status.  We saw many benefits from our participation in the program including increased attendance rates.  In 2017-18 we served 24,242 breakfasts and 58,736 lunches/snacks.  In 2018-19 we increased service of breakfast to 55,274 and lunches, snacks, and dinners to 85,144 total meals.  This is an outstanding benefit to our students and community.

Attendance Matters!!  Parents: Make sure your child attends school every day.  Research shows that just by making this a priority, student performance is increased. I am looking forward to another great school year.  If you have questions regarding any programs or goals I have for our district, please contact the district office.   Go Lions!!!

Wayne Barrett

Phone: 360-853-4000