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Superintendent’s Message – 2021

Welcome back to all students and staff for the start of our 2021-22 school year.  We are coming off possibly the most challenging time in educational history and 18 months of Covid-19 restrictions that have significantly changed how schools deliver instruction.  That being said, we have acquired new skills and knowledge which will benefit our community and the students we serve.  While we have had some programs that were temporarily halted due to the pandemic, our Farm-to School program has flourished and the community has benefited greatly as a result.  We are excited to continue our improvement efforts and provide the best social emotional programs to support our students.  Leader-In-Me will continue this year, and at the secondary level we will again focus on PBIS and restorative practices.  Due to the upswing in the Covid-19 variance cases, the Governor has issued a mandatory face covering order for all students, staff, and visitors regardless of vaccination status.  Our hope is that it will eventually be lifted and we will be allowed to choose masking options, depending on vaccination status.

The district has deployed approximately 90 hotspots which are currently in use throughout the community.  This is in addition to Chromebooks for all students in the school district.  I am very excited to begin our transitional kindergarten program this year for students needing additional academic support prior to beginning their kindergarten year.  It will utilize the same curriculum as our kindergarten classes and will essentially give many students an extra year of kindergarten that will prepare them much better for their academic career.  I am beginning my fifth year as the superintendent and want to thank the Concrete community for all the support you have given in such challenging times.  This community has shown amazing strength in the face of adversity, and we continue to demonstrate all the characteristics of a Lion!!


Wayne Barrett
Concrete School District

Wayne Barrett

Phone: 360-853-4000