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Promote Good Attendance Flyer

Every winter, bad weather–snow, slush, freezing temperatures or even heavy rains –can present challenges to getting students to school. So do the illnesses such as colds, flu, fevers and earaches that often come with the winter months.

What can families do?

Develop back up plans for getting your children to school in bad weather.
  • Identify someone that can get your student to school if they are not able to ride the bus.
  • Contact the local roads department if the roads around your home are not plowed regularly.
  • Notify the school about transportation challenges; such as down trees, icy conditions or flooded bus routes.
Keep your children healthy.
  • Maintain a regular bedtime and morning routine whenever possible.
  • Ensure students eat a healthy breakfast. (The schools provide free breakfast for all students)
  • Remind your children to practice good hygiene; such as hand washing and teeth brushing.
  • Reinforce the importance of avoiding close contact with individuals who may be sick; not sharing water bottles, cups or other utensils.
Keep your children engaged in learning if they cannot attend school in person.
  • Encourage your children to stay connected to school.
  • Check with your students teachers for access to online assignments such as through Google Classrooms.
  • Always contact the school to notify the office when your student will be absent.