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Carrie Crickmore and Randy Sweeney.

Randy Sweeney was presented a professional excellence award at the December 14th, 2023 board meeting. Interim Superintendent, Carrie Crickmore, thanked him for his outstanding service at Concrete, spanning over two decades. Randy began as a coach as well as managing our grounds, and now serves as our Athletic Director. His positive leadership has significantly impacted students, coaches, and the entire community.

As Athletic Director, his active support for coaches, collaboration with other district athletic directors, and advocacy for our athletes are commendable. Despite challenges related to our school’s size and location, he ensures our athletes have ample opportunities to compete. His dedication is evident in the time he invests in working with similarly sized districts, addressing issues like shared transportation costs, and prompt game rescheduling. Randy’s collaboration with coaches to create memorable student experiences, such as last year’s visit to WSU, is appreciated.

We thank Randy Sweeney for his unwavering dedication, which has enriched our school community.