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Transportation for Thursday November 18, 2021
(2 hour late start)

Blue route: Normal

Pink route: Normal

Black route: Due to flooding and tree debris we will have group stops for the lower portion of Cape Horn below Mountain View Ln.
• 9:10am Cape Horn Dr. and Mountain View Ln.
• 9:15am Mountain View Ln. and South Shore Dr.
• 9:30am Entrance to Cape Horn.
• Everyone west of Cape Horn, including Pressentin, needs to meet at the entrance to Cape Horn.
Same stop locations for the pm route

Green and Orange routes: These routes will be combined for this day only. Due to flooding and debris the routes have been modified for the safe transportation of our students.
• 8:40am Marblemount Community Center leave time.
• Everyone east of the Community Center must meet at the Community Center.
• 9:00am Rockport Post Office leave time.
• All students on Hwy 530, Martin Rd., and Main St. must meet at the Rockport Post Office.
• Littlefield Rd. must meet at Hwy 20 at 9:02am
• Sauk Store Rd. must meet at Hwy 20 at 9:05am
• Thunderbird Ln. must meet at Moen Rd. and Thunderbird Ln. at 9:15am
• Everett and Main St. pick up at 9:18am
• Crows Foot and Town pick up will be at normal 2 hour late start times.
Same stop locations for the pm route.