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Meeting Notes

Please take a moment to read over our meeting norms (in process) and let us know if you have anything you want to add or comment on:

  • Coming in with a positive attitude
  • Everyone has something unique to bring to the table and is valued equally for their voice.
  • When bringing up a problem, please bring 3 or more creative solutions, standing behind the concept of, “How can I assist?” “What can I do?”
  • Practice the precepts of the 4-fold Way by Angeles Arrien.
  1.  Be here now – present physically and mentally
  2. Speak the truth without blame or judgment – assuming best intentions by all and allowing each person to finish speaking.
  3. Do what has deep heart and meaning and leave the rest.
  4. Be open to outcome (flexibility) letting go of attachment to outcome.



Phone: (360) 853-8145

Sheena Daniels (President)

Marla Reed (Vice President)

Monette Bauer (Treasurer)

Stephanie Morgareidge (Secretary)