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Dear Concrete Families:

We are informing you that Concrete High School had a temporary HOLD at approximately 12:05pm on 10/18/2023. We initiated a HOLD due to a medical emergency. Students and staff were able to return to business as usual at 1:30pm. 

As a reminder, HOLD means that students maintain normal activity inside their classrooms but the hallways are temporarily closed. A HOLD may occur if there is a medical emergency and the hallways need to be clear for medical personnel to gain quick access to the sick or injured individual. This is also to ensure the privacy of the individual requiring the specialized attention.

The Concrete School District is fully committed to the safety of our students. If you would like more information, please feel free to call 360-853-4008 or email our Co-Safety Coordinator at Thank you for your support of our safety initiatives. Go Lions.

Carrie Crickmore, Interim Superintendent