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The repair of the Finney Creek Bridge is underway.  The contractor has pledged to complete the bridge work by August 29, 2017.  While this timeline may be accurate, your Concrete School District believes it prudent to have a plan in place should the bridge still be closed when school starts on August 30th.

In cooperation with Skagit County, the District has developed a transportation plan for those students west of the bridge.  A district bus shall be stationed on the west side of the bridge to transport students from the Pressentin bus stop to the bridge.  Under the watchful eye of the bus driver and a flagger, the students shall cross the bridge, board their regular bus and continue to school.  The bridge crossing shall be repeated in the afternoon.

The AM bus shall arrive at the existing bus stop at 6:30 AM.  The PM bus will arrive about 3:30.  This schedule shall continue until no longer needed due to the bridge construction.

In conjunction with the District athletic staff, sports rosters and practice times for athletic turnouts shall be evaluated, and where possible, transportation across the bridge shall be provided during the time the bridge is closed.

The District believes this transportation plan will meet the needs of the students west of the bridge for the short time anticipated.

Please contact the District Office at 360-853-4000 with any questions or comments.