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Suspicious Report

Dear Concrete Families:

We are informing you that Concrete High School and Concrete Elementary entered into a temporary SECURE status this afternoon.

At approximately 2:20pm this afternoon, we put our schools on a SECURE status. Law enforcement had received a tip that there may have been a weapon on the high school campus. The buildings were locked and a student was questioned. No weapon was found and there was never any threat to students or staff. Students were safe during the entirety of this incident.

As a reminder, SECURE means that students will maintain normal activity inside the school buildings. The exterior doors are locked with no entry/exit allowed. Schools operate as usual with exception of recesses being held indoors. The Concrete School District is fully committed to the safety of our students. The district has protocols in place for such emergency situations that provide a coordinated and common-sense approach to working through emergencies that we may encounter. Staff members across the district are familiar with these procedures.

In addition, students and staff regularly participate in emergency preparedness drills which provide all participants with an understanding of responses to various crisis situations. We regard our students’ safety as our top priority.


Kristen Fairbank, Interim Concrete High School Principal