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Concrete School District COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  1. If you are sick or experiencing COVID symptoms, STAY HOME.
  2. Students, staff, and all visitors are required to have their temperature checked and attestations signed before entering any school district building or distance learning satellite location.
  3. All students, staff, and visitors are required to wear a face mask upon entering school district buildings or distance learning satellite locations.
  4. Masks are optional if you are alone in your classroom or office.
  5. All students, staff, and visitors must maintain the safe social distance of 6 feet.
  6. Wash your hands regularly and especially after restroom use. Hand sanitizing supplies will be supplied in high traffic areas.  Example: copy machines.
  7. The earliest entry into the building will be 6:15 am. If you are entering any district building before 7:30, you are to go to the High School Food Service delivery door to go through the check in process.