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• Farm to School Updates •

Elementary School Phone Number Change – Please Read

Hello Staff, Students, Parents, Guardians and all others who are part of the Concrete School District.

Over the weekend we have been and will be working to upgrade the phone system at the Elementary School.  Due to this upgrade the Elementary Schools main office number and fax will be changing.  We have a message being sent out to most people and want to make sure that this number gets out to as many people as possible.  Following are the new numbers.

Elementary School Office – 853-4110

Elementary School Fax – 853-4149

Thank You For Your Patience and Understanding as we continue to improve our Schools.

Farm to School: March in Review

March Field Trips

It’s growing season! We have planted several seed starts in our Farm to School portable classroom, and look forward to transplanting them into the community garden with several classes this Spring. Ms. Roozen’s 3rd grade class joined us for a walk down to the garden at the end of March. They planted radishes and mixed brassica, learned about plant parts with the book Tops & Bottoms, and demonstrated the seed cycle through dance!


Phone: (360) 854-7171

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