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Middle School Winter Sports

Middle School Winter Sports (Girls Basketball, Co-ed Wrestling) are set to begin on Monday, February 6th. Please be sure to have your student athlete registered on our Athletic Registration site FinalForms. Also, every participant is required to have a current Athletic Physical Exam form on file as well. Please be sure these requirements are done in advance to avoid any delay in participation. If you have any questions please call the HS Office.

Basketball Schedule Change

Due to the weather, the basketball games tomorrow (12/21/2022) will be played at Mount Vernon Christian instead of in Concrete. The times will be the same as originally scheduled.

The basketball games that are scheduled to be played at Mount Vernon Christian on January 17, 2023 will be moved to Concrete.

Promote Good Attendance All Winter Long

Promote Good Attendance Flyer

Every winter, bad weather–snow, slush, freezing temperatures or even heavy rains –can present challenges to getting students to school. So do the illnesses such as colds, flu, fevers and earaches that often come with the winter months.

What can families do?

Develop back up plans for getting your children to school in bad weather.
  • Identify someone that can get your student to school if they are not able to ride the bus.
  • Contact the local roads department if the roads around your home are not plowed regularly.
  • Notify the school about transportation challenges; such as down trees, icy conditions or flooded bus routes.
Keep your children healthy.
  • Maintain a regular bedtime and morning routine whenever possible.
  • Ensure students eat a healthy breakfast. (The schools provide free breakfast for all students)
  • Remind your children to practice good hygiene; such as hand washing and teeth brushing.
  • Reinforce the importance of avoiding close contact with individuals who may be sick; not sharing water bottles, cups or other utensils.
Keep your children engaged in learning if they cannot attend school in person.
  • Encourage your children to stay connected to school.
  • Check with your students teachers for access to online assignments such as through Google Classrooms.
  • Always contact the school to notify the office when your student will be absent.

Weather Update November 29th 2022

Snow Information
November 29th 2022

Our district is expected to see trace amounts to several inches of snow overnight. The superintendent and our transportation department will be driving routes starting at 3:00am.
We will post on our website and Facebook by 5:30am if we decide to do a two-hour late start. A School Messenger announcement will be made to staff and parents by 6:00am if we plan to alter our schedule which is set for a one-hour late start tomorrow. No announcement means school will start on the regular one-hour late start. Updates will also be sent to radio and TV stations.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to make decisions for our large geographical district. While you may not have snow at your house, others may have significant snowfall.

Special advance thanks to our bus drivers as they navigate roads with our children. We also thank our maintenance crew as they keep our sidewalks and parking lots cleared during expected weather events. Your efforts are seen and appreciated.

Please check the website for snow routes as we may be unable to utilize our regular routes if we receive too much snow.

Wayne Barrett

Public Announcement Town of Concrete Water

Concrete School District

Public Announcement Town of Concrete Water

The Town of Concrete is under a boil water requirement until it is determined by the Washington Health Department to be free of contaminants.  The Concrete School District has developed a plan and is well prepared for making certain student and staff safety is our priority.  We will have all faucets and drinking fountains turned off until notified by the Health Department that we are clear to reopen them.  We have purchased bottled water for all our sites and it will be readily available to everyone.  Once we receive notice the system is free of contaminants all facilities will be thoroughly flushed prior to being used by students or staff.  Our food service team has also developed plans to ensure safe preparation and serving of food is adhered to.  Thank you to all our staff who have made certain the safety of our students and staff are paramount.  We will send notice as soon as we are off the current water restrictions.

Wayne Barrett
Concrete School District