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Concrete School Board Statement



The Concrete School Board is currently negotiating with our teachers to meet the best contractual agreement for all parties.  Negotiations are always a process and will continue until we reach an agreement.  We believe that the offers which have been presented are comparable with districts of our size and economic capacity.  The Concrete teachers have been offered an average salary raise of 16% with a starting salary of $50,000 for no experience, which is a 37% raise over the 2017-2018 salary schedule.  This offer included a top salary of $95,000 from the previous 2017-18 salary of $82,000 with each teacher receiving $1,000 for professional development.  The district receives an average salary allocation of $73,042 for each teacher and have a veteran staff with 13 teachers who would have made the maximum salary offered of $95,000.  The district also proposed a $350 per teacher allocation for classroom supplies.  We are saddened that no agreement with USVEA Concrete teachers was able to be reached.  Our School Board has a fiscal responsibility to the community and our students and has been committed to ensuring programs are funded for our kids!!!  These programs will not be sacrificed, as they are essential in providing quality education for the students of Concrete.  The Board and teachers union will now move to mediation, with the board still hopeful for a resolution that is best for our students and District. If you have any questions regarding the impact of these negotiations on students and the district please contact the district Business Manager Danna Rogers or Superintendent Wayne Barret