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Dear Concrete High School Families,

Phew…The last five weeks have been a whirlwind for us all as we navigate this unprecedented situation. Thank you students and families for your support and flexibility.

As we continue to learn and grow in this distance learning model, our staff is receiving training from a state-endorsed consultant on how to develop and improve what we are doing in our district. Here are a few “adjustments”, as well as some new vocabulary, as we shift to this distance learning system.

  • Homebase – Concrete HS will use Google Classroom or Edmodo. All assignments and instructions will be available in one of these two platforms. Students without the internet, should continue to reach out to their teachers and Lion Time advisors if information is not clear.
  • Drop Day(s) – Teachers will “drop” their assignments into their “homebase” based on content areas. ELA, Science, Spanish, Health, and PE will “drop” (put into Google Classroom/Edmodo) their work for the week on Mondays by 9 am. Math, Social Studies, Electives (Music, Art, Woodshop, Culinary, Robotics) on Wednesdays by 9 am. Students without the internet, can expect to pick up work on Wednesdays after 3 pm outside the high school doors or receive work on the breakfast/lunch bus routes on Thursday mornings.
  • Suggested Schedule – Students should complete approximately 3 hours/class/week:
    • Monday: ELA, Science, Health, PE
    • Tuesday: ELA, Science, Spanish, Health/PE
    • Wednesday: Math, Social Studies, Spanish PE
    • Thursday: Math, Social Studies, PE
    • Friday: Elective, Elective, Unfinished Assignments, PE
  • Office Hours – All teachers have posted “office hours” in their “homebase” and on the district website. Most teachers will use Google Meets or Zoom to facilitate questions, concerns, or ideas about student learning. Please check your teacher’s schedule for their specific office hour plan.
  • Attendance – Each week, your family should receive a phone call or email from your student’s Lion Time advisor. This weekly check-in will account for their 5-day attendance.
  • Grades – Please see the letter from OSPI (Supt. of Public Instruction for Washington). Please email me with your questions (

The staff at Concrete High School is committed to the success of our students. Please let us know if you need assistance. We are here to help. Go Lions!

Warm regards,
Christine Tripp, Principal

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