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2021 North Puget Sound Association of Realtors Citizen of the Year Plaque

Concrete School District is a recipient of the North Puget Sound Association of Realtors 2021 Citizen of the Year award.

“Each year the North Puget Sound Association of Realtors honors award recipients in categories. Our Citizen of the Year nominee must be a non-member who demonstrates outstanding contributions to the public as a private citizen, elected appointed official, educator, or business professional. Our nominating committee wanted to collectively recognize all the challenging work, under less-than-ideal circumstances every individual within our school districts has performed over the past year regarding the welfare of our community’s youth. Our deepest thanks for your continued service. – Jim Neilon, 2021 NPSAR President

Skagit and Island County School Districts are the focus of a collective Citizen of the Year award. Since 2020 the challenges of being a part of the education community has been immense. These heroes’ commitments to the education of our community’s youth deserve our highest praise and gratitude. From the school administrators, board members, teachers, counselors, aides, maintenance, nutritionist, bus drivers and more we want to recognize the exceptional efforts of all the individuals who work tirelessly each day towards the teaching of our youth.”