Superintendent’s Message

By Wayne Barrett, Superintendent

I am honored to serve the Concrete School District and community as Superintendent of Schools and look forward to furthering the outstanding work that has been done in the district.  My wife, Amy, and I are excited to begin working with the various community organizations that support the families and youth of Concrete.

My belief and passion is in creating high quality learning opportunities that afford all students a vision for their future.  Our duty is to ensure every student will attain the skills necessary to achieve their dreams of a meaningful and bright future.  In order to accomplish this critical work we must build trusting partnerships with our community organizations, families, and staff around one common goal:  Graduation on time with a skill set that prepares our students for an ever-changing economy.  We will accomplish our goal one student at a time with caring staff who recognize that every student’s needs are different, requiring instruction tailored to maximize student potential.  

Our focus in Concrete will be to ensure all students reach their potential through building quality programs, setting high standards and holding each other accountable for the success of each student.  Every individual involved in our system plays an integral role in the development of our students.  From the bus drivers who greet them every morning and night to the individuals who support and nurture them in our schools, there must be a common purpose.  

Many of our staff have spent a great deal of their summer participating in trainings designed to enhance their instructional expertise.  Thank you to all our staff for dedicating personal time in order to assist our students.

Maintenance staff have completed several projects during the summer months such as repairing roofs, updating the elementary gym restroom facility, exterior painting of facilities, bus repair, and grounds improvement.  Our summer learning camp was a huge success with increased numbers and outstanding activities for Concrete youth.  Congratulations to Rachel Sacco and all members of the team on continuing to enhance learning in our community.  The Concrete Youth Activity Day is another example of the outstanding support which exists for youth in our community.  In addition, we have submitted our grant proposal for the Boys and Girls Club Grant.  If we are fortunate enough to be selected it will bring additional support in after-school learning for our students.

I am excited about our potential and look forward to achieving the goals set forth by the board and our community.


Wayne Barrett

Wayne Barrett
Phone: 360-853-4000