Skagit River School House

About Skagit River School House

The Skagit River School House Home School Resource Center provides an opportunity to home schooled students and their home-schooling parent/teacher. This partnership is a cooperative effort to supply additional support to enrich and enhance home centered learning and provide students the opportunity to be aligned with state educational requirements.

Registration Requirements

If you are presently home schooling your child and have registered a letter of Intent to Home School with a school district or wanting to choose that option, a visit to the resource center is your next step. The Intent to Home School form is NOT required once you are enrolled in the program. Students then become a student of the Concrete School District. If students have been enrolled or are presently attending and a decision has been made, you must withdraw from any district programs and fill out an application. This then officially registers you with the Concrete School District. The qualifications do not require you live within the Concrete School District boundaries but inter-distric transfer documents are required.

After Acceptance

Once qualified to enroll you begin to attend the school. Operations of an alternative school requires a minimum of a “face-to-face” meeting with certified staff weekly with a more formal evaluation monthly. These contact time lengths are determined by the home teachers need for consultation or filing the necessary paperwork. Under special circumstances, the “face-to-face” meeting may be accomplished through electronic* means to verify progress. (*Electronic may include telephone, email, or fax machine.)
A written student learning plan is prepared in cooperation with each student of the home schooling teacher and the program director which then is kept on file with the Skagit River School House. These plans are prepared to assure and guide home teachers that their student can and will meet the state standards. The weekly reviews refer to this plan and serve as a guide to assure that the student(s) are complying with expected standards of learning. Other registration records are required such as, birth certificates, immunization records, and other student information.
Students can earn a high school diploma by conforming to the Washington State and Concrete School District graduation requirements. Students are awarded credits by submission of a portfolio and additional assessments provided through the individual courses of study that are an outcome from their written student learning plan. The home teacher determines and prepares an evaluation of achievement that validates what has been learned based on the written student learning plan. Final approval by the school’s program director verifies the accomplishment and earning of high school credits.
Alternative learning education programs are dedicated to helping students achieve a standard that exceeds their expectations and meets state requirements. With the partnership of the home-schooled teacher and student, below is an overview and expectations of what the program offers:
  • Enrichment classes are offered that are designed to support the basic core subjects and provide an introduction to explore other academic and leisure time activities.
  • Home teachers are offered consultation and assistance in constructing an effective written student learning plan that will parallel state requirements.
  • Records of progress are kept on site verifying a planned home-based education.
  • The opportunity for social inter-action occurs during the school day allowing for sharing of learning to include projects, ideas, and other accomplishments.
  • Home school teachers accompany their students to the site and they find the exchange of ideas, resources, and teaching methods to be rewarding. This is a common occurrence during the time spent at the resource center.
  • Curriculum materials – reference books, textbooks, workbooks, lesson designs and other materials are available. Registered students are allowed a modest money stipend to purchase materials of choice.
These are the positive directions and benefits that result in being involved for you and your home schooled student. We hope you take advantage of this service and it is our belief your time spent with us will be an integral, important, and rewarding part of your education schedule. A handbook is available that describes further detail and procedures for enrollment and attendance.
If you have any concerns or additional questions, call the resource center. We encourage you to visit and spend a day with us to have a “hands on” experience of what takes place. This is your resource center, functioning with your tax dollars — use it and participate — sooner than later!

SRSH Director

Mary Janda
(360) 853-8071