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CSD Educator Hall of Fame

Concrete School District has a strong tradition of providing educators dedicated to the growth and development for its students. To recognize these efforts, the CSD Educator Hall of Fame has been established to honor those with lasting service, and more importantly lasting impact. Concrete School District will annually recognize up to three educators at a ceremony honoring their service and impact on the students, staff, and teachers of Concrete School District.


For the purpose of this award and recognition anyone who served in a professional or paraprofessional capacity within Concrete School District. This could be teachers, para-educators, bus drivers, maintenance staff, administrators, lunch staff, etc. We recognize that it takes a village to raise the students in our school district.

For more information please read the nomination form (PDF)!

Inclement Weather Plan

Concrete School District
Adverse weather plan

We are in that time of year when the chances of poor road conditions due to flooding, high water, snow, ice and thawing increase every day. If these conditions are present, the Concrete School District will choose one of the following levels of operation:
• Schools Closed;
• Schools Open – Limited Bus Transportation; or
• Schools Operating on Two-Hour Late Schedule with or without limited bus transportation.
The district will communicate the selected level using all of the following methods: • Public Radio and Television (notified by 5am); • District Website (updated by 5am); District Facebook (updated by 5am)
Announcements are for one (1) day only and are generally made by 5:00am. No announcement means normal operations.
Levels of Operations Explanations:
• Schools Closed: All schools will be closed for one day only. All field trips, after school activities, meetings, etc., will be canceled for the day.
• Schools Open, Limited Bus Transportation: This means that buses will not operate in the following areas when the limited schedule is announced. All students will be picked up (AM) and dropped off (PM) at the same location regardless of changes in weather. If your child rides a school bus, please check with the bus driver for your pick-up location if your road is on the limited transportation list. You can also call the Transportation Department at 360-853-4154.
Limited Transportation list may include these road:
West of Town:
Challenger road (some sections of Challenger may not be passable)
Logsdon Lane: group stop at entrance
Skagit View Village: group bus stop at entrance
East of Town:
Thunderbird Lane: bus stop at corner of Moen and Thunderbird Lane
Sauk Store Road: group stop at Hwy 20
Littlefield Road: group stop at Hwy 20
Rockport: One group stop at the fire department
Ranger Station Road: group stop at Hwy 20
Marblemount: group stop at the Shell station
Transportation East of Marblemount will depend on road conditions

Schools Operating Two-Hours Late:
• All bus schedules will be two hours later than normal
• Pick-up and drop-off locations will be the same for both AM/PM that day
• Pick-up and drop-off locations for alternate routes will be communicated to each student
• No preschool or Head Start
• Breakfast will not be served
• After-School Programs will be decided by 1 p.m.
• No Out of District Transportation: This involves all special programs including regular special education, hearing-impaired, McKinney/Vento (homeless) students, and Northwest Career & Technical Academy (Skills Center). No Field Trips: All field trips within the district and outside of the district will be canceled.
• Athletic Trips: All organized sports events that will require traveling to other school districts will be determined by 1:00 p.m. each day.