Flu Pandemic Planning For

The Concrete School District:  Points to Consider by M. McGoffin, April 17, 2006


Mitigation:  ways to minimize or prevent the impact of flu pandemic


Maintaining essential functions of the school: 


Teach staff how to recognize signs and symptoms of this kind of flu:

Encourage vaccination of employees against seasonal human influenza.  One of the ways the avian flu could spread is by combining with a seasonal flu variety.  The fewer people who get the seasonal flu will lessen the likelihood of this happening.


Monitor:  Ask secretaries to notify school nurse of number of  cases of flu symptoms from students and staff.


Communication:  How will information be given to parents during a crisis?  A crisis may last weeks and may occur in waves over  months.  The post office system may be impacted too.  Suggestions:  phone trees?  Reader boards on Hwy 20?  Neighborhood networks?  Apartment managers?  Notices at public places like stores? Restaurants?

Please contact me with suggestions.  Thank you.